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Dec/11/ 2017

I appreciated the reliability of service, and ease of communications via text when I landed to coordinate details. And, with a farely price, I changed from the service recommended by my hotel, and stayed with Talal for a return trip from Napa back to airport. He’s a good driver, too!



“Talal is absolutely amazing. He is very professional and polite. Charges flat fare from sac airport. Has a very clean cab. Always on time. Texts me to welcome me every time I land. Would not ever use anybody else ever.”




Had a great ride! I was traveling with work and needed to be picked up at a sporting area and get to the airport. Not only where they on time, but early & waiting exactly where I had set up the meeting point. My ride was safe & swift to the Airport, and I’d recommend this taxi service to anyone!

Tania S

“Talal’s service was above and beyond expectation from beginning to end, he is communicative and helpful, professional and friendly, punctual and efficient. He’s a hard-working and smart man with a nice and clean vehicle. Any other company would have to be a disappointment to me now; not that I would call any other company.”

Isabelle Schmidt

Great service! Clean, comfortable ride. Met us at 5:00 am on the dot, and at the airport waiting for us on week later. Talal, the driver, was very nice and courteous. I recommend this company if needing a cab to/from the airport. The fare was very reasonable.

Lynn Keller

This Taxi company  is the best in Sacramento and this is no exaggeration. I have never had taxi service as good as Sacramento Taxi Yellow Cab 

I used many taxi companies  in different cities.  The drivers from Sacramento Taxi Yellow cab are professional, friendly  polite, and honest. Their driving skills are excellent and I feel totally safe.

I have used this company for a few years and not once I had any problems. the service is always on time and has never been late and actually arrives 10-15 minutes early on many occasions. They provide regular and urgent service. I’m very satisfied with both service.

I highly recommend this company and will definitely continue to use them!

Eric Zhang

I came to Sacramento for a week…the connecting flight got delayed. The weather was bad, heavily fogged and I didnt have a cell# to inform cab of the same… I was communicating over emails through free wi-fi at airports…My friend waited for me outside the airport (1 AM).. I thought he would have gone away but he didnt… Nice spoken person, free wifi in cab, cheap rates….what more can you ask for? I will travel with him everytime I come here as well as recommending him to others.. Cheers

Niloy kumar

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