4 Top-Notch Wineries in Amador County

Wine lovers are just looking for one thing——the best wines in the region. And with so many places to go, it’s kind of hard to hand-pick the ones you need to put on the top of your list. For those bon vivants who welcome some expert advice, I’ll provide you with a list...

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4 Simple Security Tips For Your Next Taxi Trip

Making it safely to your destination is most likely the most important reason why you ride a taxi. Some people might not feel 100% secure or comfortable when going around the city. For them and everyone else, let me share a few safety tips to make your trip a more...

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TaxiTrips: The Top 5 Destinations in Sacramento

Taxi driving is one of those jobs where you discover new roads, meet different places and pretty much get to know the area you live in. In my case, this would be the beautiful Sacramento.Being the capital of California, Sacramento offers a lot of amenities and...

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Taxi Service to the Golden 1 Center

Whether it’s for a Sacramento Kings home game or a concert where your favorite band is performing, the Golden 1 Center is the hotspot in Sacramento. But with all of the events being regularly held here, driving and parking around the area can be a nightmare. Your...

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